Athletic Training

  Students who wish to participate in a Bowdoin College sponsored varsity sport or Club Men’s Rugby are required to complete all the following for sports clearance:

  1. A Pre-Participation Physical completed by your home health care provider dated after March 1st of the incoming academic year. This initial medical evaluation should include a standardized, comprehensive health history, immunization history as defined by the current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and a relevant review of systems physical exam, with strong emphasis on the cardiovascular, neurologic and musculoskeletal evaluation. Pre-Participation Physical and Immunization forms will be available on Blackboard.
  2. The Bowdoin Athletic Training medical screening which will include height, weight, body mass index calculation (BMI) and vitals (blood pressure / pulse). BMI must be 17.5 or higher for immediate athletic clearance.  If BMI is lower than 17.5 a Health Center evaluation will be required for athletic participation clearance.
  3. Orthopedic screening performed by a Bowdoin College certified athletic trainer and/or team physician.  This would include screening for concussion history and any recent orthopedic injury/surgery.

Failure to meet these requirements will result in a delay in a student’s clearance for participation in practice and/or competition.

Important Documents:

Bowdoin College Athletic Training Department is committed to the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of all athletic injuries sustained to our student athletes.  Our department is comprised of six full time NATABOC Certified Athletic Trainers and 1 licensed physical therapist.  In order to provide a standard of excellence in sports medicine, the athletic training department is supported by the medical director of the college and team physician from OA Centers for Orthopedics.  

The Athletic Training Department believes that the needs of the student-athlete shall always be the first consideration.  Our athletic trainers are dedicated to using whatever technology is available and affordable in the delivery of  these services.  We will remain committed to the continuous upgrading of the education, clinical skills development and equipment used in the delivery of athletic training services so that our student-athletes will be assured of the most modern care available in the country.

The NCAA Sports Medicine Handbook developed by the NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports and the National Athletic Trainers Association's  Policy Statements are used as a guide in establishing recommendations and procedures for preventing and managing athletic related injuries at Bowdoin College. A detailed Policy & Procedures Manual for athletic training is available for review in the athletic director's office and the athletic training facility

Athletic Training Services Are Provided for:
1. Bowdoin College Varsity Intercollegiate Athletics.
2. Visiting Intercollegiate teams scheduled to participate at Bowdoin College.

Athletic Training Information
Sport participation in intercollegiate athletics involves an inherent risk of injury, and the student-athlete must share in the responsibility of prevention through following established safety protocols, communicating and reporting injuries to the athletic training staff in a timely manner, reporting for treatments and rehabilitation as directed.

All injuries must be reported to the athletic training staff for evaluation, treatment and referral. Medical referral will be  made when deemed necessary. The role of the athletic training staff is to assist the athlete in returning to sport participation following an injury as quickly and safely as possible. In order to return the athlete safely back to sport participation, coaches and athletes must immediately inform the athletic training staff of all injuries sustained while participating in sports. The athlete must also directly communicate any concerns that he/she may have regarding his/her injury evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation program to the athletic training staff.

Bowdoin College Athletic Training and the team physician have the final authority to determine when a student-athlete is removed or withheld from participation due to an injury, an  illness or pregnancy. In addition, clearance for that individual to return to activity is solely the responsibility of the college and/or team's physician (or that physician's designated representative). 

Contact Information - Visiting Team Information Guide (pdf. file)

Dan Davies, Director of Athletic Training
Phone: 207-725-3018; Fax: 207-725-3019; Email:
Coverage for: Football / Squash / Swim & Dive / Indoor Track / Softball

Nicole Spencer, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: 207-725-3942; Email:
Coverage for: Men’s Soccer / Sailing / Squash / Swim & Dive / Indoor Track / Men’s Lacrosse 

Ashley Stambolis, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: 207-725-3696; Email:
Coverage for: Field Hockey / Cross Country / Basketball / Nordic Ski / Women’s Rugby (Spring) / Outdoor Track

Joe Shaw, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: 207-725-3335; Email:
Coverage for: Women’s Rugby (Fall) / Tennis / Men’s Ice Hockey / Baseball / Golf

Gretchen Henderson, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: 207-725-4280; Email:
Coverage for: Men’s Rugby / Women’s Ice Hockey / Outdoor Track / Club Sports

Morgan Ruetty, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: 207-725-3772; Email:
Coverage for: Football / Squash / Swim & Dive / Indoor Track / Women’s Lacrosse / Volleyball

Kari Wentland, Part-Time Athletic Trainer
Phone: 207-798-4272; Email:
Coverage for:
 Women's Soccer / Athletic Training Room Coverage

Team Physician: Alison Lee, DO
OA Centers for Orthopaedics
Phone: (207) 482-7800