Bowdoin College Athletic Department Mission Statement

Athletics at Bowdoin are an integral part of the College’s educational mission.  Through the pursuit of victory, student-athletes are challenged to reach the highest levels of achievement in all areas.  The lessons learned through participation lead to more than wins on the playing field.  They also promote success in the classroom, develop leadership qualities, encourage the acceptance of responsibility and aid students in leading more successful and fulfilling lives. 

Intercollegiate competition at Bowdoin offers experiences rich with camaraderie and excitement to a broad cross section of the student body. 

Contests provide an opportunity for the entire community to come together.  As such, student athletes are expected to be positive representatives of the school.  Polar Bear athletes take pride in their accomplishments, commitment, effort, and integrity. At Bowdoin, coaches attract quality student athletes and serve as their mentors and teachers.  They provide an environment that is goal oriented, challenging, and positive.